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TIA Donation

March 2020

Dear Parishioner,

This year’s theme is on Mary’s response: “I am the Lord’s servant” (Luke 1:38).  In one of his trips, Pope Francis commented that “Mary did not hesitate or think about herself; instead she surrendered herself; she trusted.”

Bishop William T. McGrattan, in this year’s message, writes: “Together in Action is the way for us to bring His mercy and compassion to others. Let it be a way of exalting God, relying on His strength and righteousness as we recognize our total and complete dependence on Him.”

Last year’s campaign reached our goal of $44,787. Our target for this year is $41,030. Whatever is in excess will be contributed to our fund to replace the boiler in our church.

Together in Action satisfies our need as disciples to give and share of ourselves. As Christ’s disciples, we are called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, to cultivate them responsibly, to share them lovingly in justice with others and to return them with increase to the Lord.  This attitude of stewardship recognizes that God is the origin of life and that He gave us His Son to redeem us.  We praise and thank God by prayer, ministry and sharing.

Expressing our common hope of strengthening our community at St. Anthony’s Parish, I am

Very respectfully,

Rev. Edmund F. Vargas