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UPDATE June 2, 2021:  As of June 10 the maximum in-person attendance at Mass will increase from 15% to  30% of our occupancy.  With the increase in capacity we will offer our last 5pm Sunday Mass on June 6.   Pre-registration is required for all Sunday Masses.  Register here.   Pre-registration is not required for weekday Masses.

Volunteers please email

Pre-registration is not required for weekday Masses.

Please call the Parish Office at 403-252-1137 Ext 222 for assistance.   

We will continue to livestream our 10:30 Mass each Sunday on Facebook, YouTube, and Telus Optik TV Channel 877.


Effective May 13, 2021, AHS has introduced a new medical letter requirement for those who claim an exception to the MASK legislation due to medical condition when entering public spaces such a   church, parish office or auxiliary spaces.

Parishioners with a qualified medical condition are asked to have their authorized medical professional (physician, nurse practitioner, or psychologist) complete the Alberta Government form “Medical Note for Mask Exception“.  You may submit the completed form to the parish office to pre-register your exception with your contact tracing information  to allow you access our church services without interruption.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Living with Christ is offering free prayer resources and downloads of the daily Mass texts.

Fr Edmund’s Update

Wellness protocols will be with us a little while. By estimates, we are getting a mere half of our usual weekend Mass attendees.  It can be construed that some parishioners are still afraid or not comfortable in attending in-person Masses. That hesitation may come from a perception that our church is not in compliance of the required AHS and diocesan directives, including the physical distancing, wearing of masks and disinfecting/sanitizing our church space.  Our volunteers are doing their best to make our church worship services as safe as possible.  We thank our volunteers for coming forward to help out.  We ask our pre-pandemic volunteers and non-volunteers to indicate their willingness to help in our wellness ministries.

For in-person Mass attendance, please come earlier to allow time for the required wellness protocol.  We are designating the ID number to each attendee for the past month or so to facilitate entry.  If you don’t have an ID number yet, one will be assigned to you.  Please encourage others to face and overcome the fear of coming.  We are observing the government and diocesan health recommendations. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up to volunteer for upcoming Masses at the Reception Desk.  Please don’t come late because we are required to close and lock the doors when the Mass begins.  Please don’t come if you are feeling sick or having any symptom of the coronavirus.

Our Masses are back to the regular schedule: English: Saturday 5pm (Confessions 4pm), Sunday 9am & 10:30am, Monday to Friday 9am, except Wednesday 7pm (Confessions 30 minutes before Mass). Latin: Saturday 9am, Sunday 7:15 am & 12:30pm, Monday & Tuesday 7am, Wednesday 12noon, Thursday & Friday 7pm (Confessions 30 minutes before Mass).  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at the main church for private prayer only: Thursday & Friday 10am to 6pm.  The Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel remains closed until further notice.

The wearing of face masks is now mandatory in enclosed places.   Let us be charitable to others by protecting them by wearing masks and not be generous with the virus with which we can be infected with asymptomatically or not.

We continue to livestream our Sunday 10:30am Mass.  Rikki Sabater is behind the “Sling Studio” production of the livestream.  Those interested to be part of the a Social Media Committee are to contact Fr Edmund.

For your pastoral and office needs, please contact Fr Edmund. This is includes requests for Masses (which can also be done online), certificates, registration for wedding or baptisms, confession, counselling or almost anything that you think or believe your pastor can help you with.

Please contact Fr. Edmund by phone (403 252-1137) or email ( or text (403 8742015) for any need or concern.

For every Mass, four (4) volunteers are required: safety coordinator, point of entry team member, usher and disinfectant/maintenance team member. Please consider volunteering. Job descriptions can be found on our website or you can contact Fr Edmund for details. The point of entry volunteer registers every attendee. He/she will be asking COVID-19 self-assessment questions.

There is only one (1) entry door and one exit door. Directions are indicated. The usher will lead every attendee to his/her seat of choice that is available. The usher will also guide recipients of Holy Communion as they line up for their turn. The usher will lead you out to the exit door after the Mass is ended. Attendees can remain for private prayer and reflection a maximum of three (3) minutes. The pews and other furniture will be disinfected after all attendees have exited. Washrooms will only be for emergency use.

Please watch the diocesan video demo on how to receive Holy Communion by the hand. (

We express appreciation for your continuing support for the church, especially in the midst of this pandemic. In addition to online donation by credit card, e-transfer (Interac) is a now available through E-transfer is free of fees for many and for the church.

Point of Entry Team Member collects contact information of Mass participants, maintaining the appropriate physical distancing (6 feet/2 meters).  He/she wears the appropriate protective equipment (PPE) if they are unable to maintain 6 feet/2 meters of separation from congregants.  He/she opens the entry door and keep propped open until the number of 50 or fewer parishioners has been met.  He/she opens the exit door until all parishioners have exited the church.  He/she provides the list of participants to the Safety Coordinator. Usher directs attendees to available space in the pews, ensures physical distancing between households, observes single point of entry and single point of exit and manages seating and monitor occupancy of church. Cleaning & Disinfecting Team Member implements the AHS “wipe-twice” method to clean and disinfect surfaces, wipes surfaces with cleaning agent to wipe off soil with an AHS approved disinfectant, cleans and disinfects pews between Masses and disinfects high touch areas (doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, faucets and taps.

We continue to  pray for health, healing and holiness.

If you have not done so yet, please subscribe to our email list to receive our parish updates. Please check our website periodically for updates.  Please subscribe and avail of our own diocesan livestreamed Masses and services.   We thank our parishioners for continuing to support our Church through direct deposit, Canada Post mail or online through our website.  You can also visit the church (10am to 6pm) Thursday & Friday, to adore the Blessed Sacrament in silence, or drop off your contributions in our donation slots.  As mandated by the government, we strictly follow physical distancing.  If you have any concerns we can help you with, please call Fr Edmund directly at 587 3499615 or email him at or text him at 403 8742015. Our priests are committed to minister to your spiritual needs, especially during this time of the current pandemic.

Letter to the Faithful on the Financial Plan

April 28, 2020

Bishop McGrattan’s letter to the faithful on the Financial Plan COVID-19 April 28 2020

With a grateful heart, we say thanks to all workers in our critical infrastructure industries and those who courageously help others. These are today's heroes, the people who work tirelessly serving others.

We encourage you to share your gratitude with our everyday heroes, to the many people – men, women, adults and children – who have shown kindness and determination throughout the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pray for them.
Send them an email, postcard or show the love on your front door/windows
Say thank you whenever you see them serving in health care facilities, grocery stores, gas stations, banks, those delivering your packages or those who are ready to listen.

Thank you for being the heart of Jesus