Division is not the key

There is a certain tendency in us to put down, condemn, slander, ridicule, and judge wrongly those who are different from us. Thus, the seed of division is spread in society.

This moment in history finds us at crossing paths. The narrative in the world is so confusing and so relative, that we, as Christians, have to put our foot down and remember what the Lord teaches us.  Today´s Gospel invites us to respect others. Though we need not and cannot accept all the points of view of those who are opposed to us, Jesus teaches us to respect them and their points of view. Pope Benedict in his book Truth and Tolerance, invites people to enter into dialogue, to seek the Truth, but above all to tolerate and to respect each other.

This brings us to where we stand on the path of Salvation. Jesus has given us the Sacraments, as a vehicle to our salvation. The Church is an instrument of Salvation. Therefore, we cannot accept everything from everybody and agree with it. Jesus laid out the path of Salvation for us through the Sacraments and inviting us to enter through the narrow door.

In the present climate, we are called to exercise prudence and tolerance toward each other and work tirelessly to water the seeds of unity spread by our Lord.