Do whatever He tells you

This Sunday we witness one of the most known Gospel passages. Often times this passage is quoted loosely. However, we have to direct our attention to a short, and yet powerful, statement from our Blessed Mother. This statement says everything we need to know. “Do whatever He tells you.” What else do we need to know in life?

One of the difficulties we are to face in following our Blessed Mother’s advice is following that advice. On the one hand it is easy to believe in it, to talk about it, to write sermons and preach about it; we can even go as far as making a commitment to “do whatever He tells you”. On the other, it is a different thing to actually follow through and fulfill His divine will.

Mary’s short advice invites us to two things:

  • To enter into a process of discernment on what Jesus wants of us and,
  • To embrace with complete freedom what we discern. 

It is not easy to follow through and to fulfill God’s divine will. The process of discerning the will of God can be a challenging task for us, since it requires our full attention to His gentle and subtle voice. We have to know, first and foremost, that God does not impose His will on us; He quietly invites us to listen.

The Lord is very patient. He waits for us until we give Him our full attention. Once He receives our full attention, He reveals His will one step at a time. Certain things have been made clear for us through public revelation, things like the need to avoid sin and our need to embrace faith, hope and love. When we are ready to embrace fully God’s commands in our daily lives, then we will be ready to give Him our full attention.

After properly discerning God’s will, we have to realize that it will not always be easy to embrace it. Submitting to God’s will requires everything from us. We have to surrender completely to His will. 

But the good news of discerning God’s will, and our total submission to His will, is that we will discover that our lives are completely fulfilled. Just like the good wine that was served at the wedding at Cana.