God’s Family

God’s family

Everyone comes from a family. Some had great experiences in the midst of theirs, others not so great. And yet, all of us belong to the family of God.

So, Family is at the core of the Sunday readings, so much so that the Gospel has such strong teaching about the sanctity of Marriage. In the Christian Marriage, the couple does not promise a material gift to each other, but they promise the gift of themselves to each other forever.

Although a couple gifts themselves to each other, they cannot function unless they are in the midst of a community, where they find support, solace, and friendship; where they are nourished and cared for. The Domestic Church needs the community to flourish, to exercise the beautiful gifts it received from God. Thus, the Christian Marriage is not an isolated institution in society but is part of the community.

On the journey of every family crisis may arise, therefore each of us is responsible for the wellbeing of families. The Church knows that; therefore, many programs are developed to support families: Marriage Encounter, Teams of Our Ladies, Retrouvaille, just to name a few.

The bottom line is that we have to care for families and protect their sanctity. Every family is blessed by the Lord. In this year that we commemorate the Year of St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Family, as a community let us entrust all our families to his care and protection.