It is good to be here!

The closest St. Peter must have gotten to heaven in this life was when he stood in the presence of the Transfigured Christ. He had witnessed many miracles worked by the Lord’s right hand, but now he saw the radiant face of the Living God, and lived. Little wonder he wanted to construct three tents, or more accurately, three tabernacles, similar to the Tent of Meeting where the Spirit of God choose to dwell as Israel’s sanctuary during their 40 year long sojourn in the desert. St Peter understandably wanted to prolong the experience of being in God’s glorious presence, because he had never experienced a goodness that could match seeing Jesus in all his majesty.

Some saints have had a passing glimpse of what Sts. Peter, James and John saw during the Transfiguration. St. Teresa of Avila recounts how once in a vision she saw the right hand of Christ and that the light which came forth from it was of a clarity and brilliance she could only describe as being like ten thousand crystals refracting light, and even that was insufficient to describe what she saw.

If our Lord was ever to grant us a transfiguration like experience while on earth, it would certainly be a tremendous gift. But we must seek to behold his glory as it is manifested in other ways, usually behind a veil that shrouds the Lord’s glory but can still be experienced.

This is what makes Eucharistic adoration so incredible. While the veil or appearance of bread and wine remain when we behold the Eucharist, behind the veil is Our Lord, substantially present in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. To adore God in the monstrance is to allow the Lord’s glory to shine down upon us, and as many will testify, fill us with peace and help us to know it is good to be there.

Please consider taking time to sign up on our parish website to become a committed adorer in our Blessed Sacrament chapel. We need many adorers to assure someone is with Jesus during the hours we currently have for adoration. The more we adore the Lord, the closer we are drawn to Him and open our hearts to behold His glory, in whatever way he knows is best for us. In this life, many have testified that the closest we will get to heaven is when we are in the presence of the Eucharist. Please come and see if you too find this to be so!