STAY COVID AWARE: See September 16 2021 update at  

State of Public Health Emergency and Local Face Mask Bylaw

Now that the Alberta Government has declared a State of Public Health Emergency here are the Health Protocol measures to follow as we celebrate the Mass.

Those experiencing flu like symptoms are asked not to attend Mass in person.  The Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still in effect. Download Decree.  Livestreaming of our 10:30 Sunday Mass will continue (available here).

We are limited to 1/3 fire code occupancy.   As we have been operating at that capacity for most of our Masses we will not be requiring pre-registration.  Please come early. The doors will be locked once we have reached our capacity of 130 people.  There will be an additional Latin Mass at 1:45pm.

Wearing face masks inside the church facility is mandatory for all the faithful. Parishioners who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons can be exempt except when receiving Holy Communion.  The use of hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit to the church is encouraged. Kindly practice respiratory etiquette.

Congregational singing is suspended at this time.  Physical distancing is required between non-related households, inside and outside the church.

Once Mass is over, everyone is asked to exit directly outdoors through the narthex or the South exit door.  Please do not socialize before or after the Mass inside the church.

Please leave your kneeler down and vacate your seats within 5 minutes at the end of the Mass to allow your seat to be sanitized.

Watch livestream on Facebook or YouTube.

A Message from Fr. Pilmaiken

Division is not the key

There is a certain tendency in us to put down, condemn, slander, ridicule, and judge wrongly those who are different from us. Thus, the seed of division is spread in society.

This moment in history finds us at crossing paths. The narrative in the world is so confusing and so relative, that we, as Christians, have to put our foot down and remember what the Lord teaches us.  Today´s Gospel invites us to respect others. Though we need not and cannot accept all the points of view of those who are opposed to us, Jesus teaches us to respect them and their points of view. Pope Benedict in his book Truth and Tolerance, invites people to enter into dialogue, to seek the Truth, but above all to tolerate and to respect each other.

This brings us to where we stand on the path of Salvation. Jesus has given us the Sacraments, as a vehicle to our salvation. The Church is an instrument of Salvation. Therefore, we cannot accept everything from everybody and agree with it. Jesus laid out the path of Salvation for us through the Sacraments and inviting us to enter through the narrow door.

In the present climate, we are called to exercise prudence and tolerance toward each other and work tirelessly to water the seeds of unity spread by our Lord.


Healing Corner:

Lord, please wrap your arms around me and don’t ever let go. Slow my racing heart. Clear my spinning head. Calm my frantic lungs. I need Your patience to breathe through this moment and make it to the next. Thank you for being a God of the moment, a God who cares, a God able to guard my heart and mind.

Fr. Pilmaiken Udates:  

Faith Formation

Adoremus In commemoration of the institution of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, I will lead a Holy Hour at 3pm – 4pm each Thursday. Adoremus will begin with incense and prayers to the Blessed Sacrament followed by silent meditation.

Living Faith On the first Wednesday of each month, beginning October 6, following the 7pm Mass, Living Faith is a snapshot of the faith of the Church, as it was/is lived out by the saints of the Church, in their love for the Eucharist, prayer, virtues and their path to holiness. It also gives a chance to hear the testimonies of the faithful, who in their day-to-day life make an effort to follow the Lord.

Sacrament Preparation

First Reconciliation Preparation:

November 7, 21 and 28, 2021, 9:15 – 10:15am, Hall
Retreat Saturday December 4 2-3pm, Church
First Reconciliation: December 4 or 11, 2021, 3-4pm

First Eucharist Preparation:

February 6, 13, 27 & March 6, 2022, 9:15 – 10:15am, Hall
Rehearsal Saturday April 30, 2022, 11am, Church
First Eucharist: Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 10:30am Mass

Ministry Opportunities

Catechists Our RCIA and Sacramental Preparation teams need catechists to support the formation of adults and children to receive the sacraments.

Pastoral Care Thursday mornings for the 10:30am Mass at either Chinook or Trinity Lodge, and the third Wednesday of the month at Amica for an 11:00am Mass.
For more information, please call the office at 403-252-1137 and speak to Fr. Pilmaiken or Heather.

Our livestreamed Mass on Sundays at 10:30am, is available at Telus Optik TV Channel 877.

Please contact Fr. Pilmaiken for any need or concern
by phone (587-349-9615) email (

Sept. 26 - Oct. 2nd 2021 Intention
Sunday Sept. 26th
7:15 Latin
9AM English
10:30AM English
12:30 Latin
1:45 PM Latin


Private Intention
Greg Larson
All Parishioners
Frank Tholenar
Private Intention
Monday Sept. 27th
7am Latin
9am English


Wenda Verreault
Ed Omiecinski
Jean & Terry Oliver
Tuesday Sept. 28th
7am Latin
9am English


Marie Korte
Elizabeth Mont
Wed. Sept. 29th
Noon Latin
7pm English


Theodor Radulescu
Lorenzo Reyes
Thurs. Sept. 30th
9AM English
7PM Latin


Johnson Mont
Dennis Thomson
Friday Oct. 1st
9AM English

7PM Latin


World Peace
Thomson Family
Sat. Oct. 2nd
Latin 9 AM
11 am English
English 5PM


Pattie & Shawn Telfer
Marlito Gene Licudine
Julie Rohr


SaturdayConfessions4:00 pm
English Mass5:00 pm
SundayConfessions6:45 am
Latin Mass7:15 am
English Mass9:00 am
English Mass10:30 am
Confessions12:00 pm
Latin Mass
Latin Mass
12:30 pm
1:45 pm


Monday & TuesdayConfessions6:30AM
Latin Mass7:00 am
Confessions8:30 am
English Mass9:00 am
WednesdayConfessions11:30 am
Latin MassNoon
Confessions 6:30 pm
English Mass 7:00 pm
Thursday Confessions 8:30 am
English Mass9:00 am
Adoration10 am - 6 pm
Confessions6:00 pm
Latin Mass7:00 pm
FridayConfessions8:30 am
English Mass9:00 am
Prayers before the Tabernacle10 am - 6 pm
Confessions6:00 pm
Latin Mass7:00 pm
SaturdayConfessions8:00 am
Latin Mass9:00 am
1st Saturday Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary 11:00 am
4th Saturday Healing Seniors Mass 11:00 am

For Mass times throughout Alberta and Canada visit

Patris Corde Guided Video Reflections


Commemorative statues for the year of St. Joseph will be available at the welcome desk before Mass and in the office through the week. The retail price for the statue is $30. All donations are welcome.

In the Apostolic Letter Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart), Pope Francis identifies the extraordinary attributes of St. Joseph as a “beloved, tender and loving, obedient, accepting, creatively-courageous, working father hidden in the shadows.” (cf. No 1-7).

Now you can conveniently e-transfer your contributions directly to St. Anthony's bank account. Just note in the memo how you would like your contribution directed.

Support St. Anthony's during the COVID Pandemic

Our parish relies on our regular offertory giving for maintenance and growth.  We offer many convenient ways for you to make your contributions including: sign in to your to own banking institution and e-transfer the amount to:;  or by online credit card donation, or sign up for pre-authorized debit withdrawal;  you may also mail your cheques to St. Anthony’s Church 5340 4 St. SW Calgary, AB T2V 0Z5, or drop off your donation envelopes into our donation box in the church foyer when you come to Mass.  You are providing crucial support to care for your parish during this difficult time.  Thank you for your generosity.

An environmentally sustainable lifestyle

The need for urgent action to combat the social and environmental crisis isn’t anything new; there are more and more global alerts to try to raise the awareness of humanity that something must change. But as Pope Francis wrote in Laudato si´, “It would hardly be helpful to describe symptoms without acknowledging the human origins of the ecological crisis.” This is why it is imperative, first of all, that we reflect on the lifestyle we lead, to see to what extent our actions harm the planet: “Especially during these moments of health, social and environmental crisis,” Holy Father says in The Pope Video, let us “reflect on our lifestyle. Let us reflect on how the way we eat, consume, travel, or the way we use water, energy, plastics, and many other material goods, is often harmful to the Earth.”

Keep praying the Holy Father’s intention this month: “Let us pray tha that we all will make courageous choices, the choices necessary for a simple and environmetnally sustainable lifestyle, taking inspiration from our young people who are resolutely committed to this.”

Bishop’s Pastoral Letter re: Exemption from COVID-19 vaccination

Bishop’s Pastoral Letter to the Faithful re: Exemption from COVID-19 vaccination have been sent to the all parishes this morning.

Pray for The Seeds of the Word’s new mission in the Phillippines

The Seeds of the Word Community invites you to a Mass in Tagalog at Our Lady of Fatima Parish (4747 30 St SE, Calgary), on Sunday, Sep. 26 at 3 pm to celebrate the Feast of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, and to ask for his intercession for their new mission in the Phillippines (Mastabe City). Download poster

World Day of Migrants and Refugees – Sep 26

The 107th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR) will be celebrated this Sunday, Sep. 26, 2021. The theme chosen by the Holy Father for WDMR 2021 is Towards an ever wider “we”In response to his call to ensure that “after all this, we will think no longer in terms of ‘them’ and ‘those’, but only ‘us’”, we are sending you some materials to help build this “we” together.

In his new video, the Holy Father calls upon everyone to take part in a ‘we’ who care for our Common Home. Link to video here
“We are all in the same boat and we are called to commit ourselves so that no more walls separate us, so that there are no longer others but only one we, a we as wide as all of humanity.” ~ Pope Francis

Feed the Hungry Garden

A message from John Holmes, Feed the Hungry Garden Volunteer Coordinator:

Our Feed the Hungry (FTH) Garden at the Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre has matured and survived  the most difficult growing season in recent memory! Throughout August we have been picking zucchini and thinning the beets, and have delivered 323 kg (711lbs) of vegetables to the Food Bank. Recent rain falls should fill out our potato and carrot crops so we can now plan to complete the harvest our garden.

Thank you to all volunteers who planted, weeded, hilled and thinned these vegetables thus enabling this garden to survive under such harsh conditions!

Thursday, Sep. 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The gratuitous dimension of love

Pope Francis: “Love always gives life. Spousal love is not exhausted within the couple, but generates a family. Parents’ love is the means by which God shows His love. He awaits the birth of every baby. He accepts and welcomes each child as they are”.

Through a series of videos, the Holy Father, with the help of several families, invites us to journey together to rediscover the value and beauty of the family. Each video is accompanied by a guide that can be used flexibly either by families or by various ecclesial realities (dioceses, parishes, communities).

In this video, the Holy Father speaks to us of the fruitfulness of conjugal love.

Employment opportunities

If you have the skills, talent and inspiration to take on the challenge, we invite you to consider these exciting opportunities in the Diocese of Calgary:

For more information and job application details, please visit

New employment opportunity in the Diocese of Calgary:

  • Bookkeeper (casual) – St. Patrick’s, Medicine Hat

For more information and job application details, please visit

40 Days for Life

A message from 40 Days for Life:

Pray with 40 Days for Life (40 DFL), the largest pro-life organization in the world, coordinating 40-day campaigns to end the injustice of abortion through local prayers and fasting, community outreach and peaceful vigils in front of abortion businesses. Calgary has been leading these 40 DFL campaigns for more than a decade. We invite you to get involved by leading the campaign at your Parish. The fall campaign runs from Sep. 22 to Oct. 31. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

Ride for Refuge in support of Elizabeth House – Deadline: Oct. 2

Support Sr. Pat & Foot Loose Lizzies
A message from Sr. Pat Derbyshire: Again this year I am joining in the fund raising event for Elizabeth House. Our goal is to support the great work that Elizabeth House accomplishes, in offering young pregnant women and young women with babies a safe and loving home, while empowering their journey to independent living. I have ridden in the event since it began over 10 years ago. My team, Foot-loose Lizzies, is participating in the Ride for Refuge on Sunday, Sep. 26, this year as a walk in Fish Creek Park

Support our participating priests
Show your support for our diocesan priests fundraising for Elizabeth House through Ride for Refuge:

> Support other teams, click here

Blessing of Pets

Mount St. Francis invites you to the Blessing of Pets on Sunday, Oct. 3 at 3 pm at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre. Come and visit the grounds and retreat centre from 2:30 pm to 4 pm, the blessing ritual is at 3 pm. Pets must be leashed or in a crate. The blessing will take place on west side of the Retreat Centre, near the statue of St. Francis. Download poster

Rosary Rally

Rosary Rally Canada invites you to their 2021 Public Square Rosary Crusade, praying for our nation on October 16, 2021 at Noon. The local Public Square Rosary Rally will take place between 9630 McLead Trail South and Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot. For more information, contact Eugene Gawor, rally captain; 403-975-4653, |

Events & Resources

  1. 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Bulletin Shorts, free to use 
    Mass Readings  |  The More the Merrier.  Who cares if other Christians are also doing the good things that Catholics do? Or other believers? Or even non-believers? The kingdom of heaven is not an exclusive club. By God’s design, everyone belongs. Jesus says:  “Whoever is not against us is for us.”

    • What good can I affirm that someone else is doing this week?
    • How can I foster others to do good work?
    • How can I help others to care for “little ones”?
      (Source: Diocese of Springfield)
  2. Resources for children: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
  3. Rosary Coast to Coast Canada 2021
    Please join the world in prayer, for world peace, by praying the Rosary Coast to Coast on October 10, 2021 (Sunday), at 1 pm MT. To get involved: become a prayer captain by organizing an event in your parish or neighbourhood, or light a candle and pray the Rosary at home, organize a prayer cenacle at 1 pm MT, united with the rest of the world. For more information, visit for more information. Download poster
  4. Pope Francis prays for Mexico flood victims 
    Flood waters swept through streets and into buildings in Hildago State, including the hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Flooding also knocked out power in the area including the hospital which was caring for several COVID-19 patients, where over 17 patients died. Pope Francis prays for victims of flooding in Mexico as well as for all those unjustly held in foreign countries. Read more
  5. Catholic doctors oppose AMA’s call to remove sex ID from birth certificates | The American Medical Association said the new policy would recognize that every individual “has the right to determine their gender identity and sex designation on government documents.” Read more
  6. Reminder: Corpus Christi Clothing / Textile Drive
    This is a reminder for Corpus Christi textile/clothing recycling drive. Kindly drop off your textile/clothing donation to Corpus Christi Parish Hall parking lot at 5931 4 St. NW, Calgary from Sep. 27 to Oct. 4. Acceptedwearable, gently worn clothing; useable shoes (in pairs), belts and handbags; useable household textiles: table cloths, curtains, towels, bedding, etc.; soft toys. They also accept gently used books (separate container please). For more information and other details, click here.
  7. Protect your family with this prayer to the Archangels
    God created angels to be our protectors and guides in this life. While we may not see them with our physical eyes, they surround us and protect us from many hidden dangers. Ask St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael (feast day: Sep. 29) to surround your family with their heavenly protection. Read more
  8. 3 Lessons from the life of St. Jerome to help you stay calm in an argument | Anger is the door by which all other vices get a hold of us. Next week, we’re celebrating the feast day of St. Jerome (feast day: Sep. 30), a famously curmudgeonly saint. What lessons can the life of St. Jerome teach us about how to remain calm during an argument? Read more
  9. 24 quotes to inspire you in St. Therese’s ‘Little Way’ to sainthood
    St. Therese of Lisieux (feast day: Oct. 1) was a beautiful, simple soul! Pope Pius X considered her “the greatest saint of modern times.” She is also known as “The Little Flower,” St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, and “The Little Flower of Jesus.” Read more
  10. The mystical life of Guardian Angels, revealed by the saints
    How often do you call on the Holy Guardian Angels (feast day: Oct. 2)? The Catholic Church teaches that God assigns every person with at least one Guardian Angel. Several saints, including St. Padre Pio, St. Gemma Galgani, and St. Faustina had mystical encounters with their guardian angels. Read more

Amoris Laetitia Family – Year 2021-2022

Information on the Year of Amoris Laetitia can be accessed here.


All the faithful are encouraged to observe and practice Spiritual Communion, uniting themselves to Christ in prayer.

Portrait of a Priest - Fr. John Petravicius

To celebrate St. John Vianney's feast day this month, I sat down with Fr. John Petravicius (retired from the Diocese of Calgary) to gain some insight into his call to the priesthood, and what it means to live a Christian life in his vocation. Here’s what he had to say.



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