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Fr. Edmunds Pastoral Notes…

The legacy of Easter

“These are written so that  you may come to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that through believing you may have life in his name.”  Tradition is the handing on of this first-hand witness of those who saw it from the beginning to all of us who believe.  And we are happy and blessed even if we have not seen,  yet believe. Our faith is based on witnesses.  We cry out with Thomas, “My Lord and my God!”

The gospels in the current form were not originally written as they happened.  There was a stage referred to by biblical scholars as the “oral stage”, when all the stories and sources of the gospel events and quotations were all handed down orally without the benefit of written documentation.   But because the early Christian communities needed a summary or a compendium of the faith in their preaching, the written form of the gospels evolved.  But before the gospels were written, the handing down of the faith is made verbally and more so, by the power of the example of Christian witnesses.  Think of this: How would our Christianity be today if the gospels were never written, but relied on the power of the example of practicing Christians?

In today’s gospel, Christ’s act of breathing on his disciples was realizing what he meant by “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  The transmission of the legacy of the resurrection we celebrate this Easter season involves the breathing of the spiritual life we live.  The values of our Christian life are transmitted through the breathing of the spirit of our life and experiences.  They are transmitted through the power of our own life.  They are handed down through the invisible principle of our thoughts and actions.  In a manner of speaking, they can hardly be taught or preached but are easily caught. In our age, it should not matter what kind of house one lives in or how much money we have in the bank or what clothes we wear.  Our world will be better for all of us if we have become an example or a model of the values of Christ’s kingdom for others, particularly the least.  In the end, we will be judged according to how we have shared our values and virtues with others through our relationships.  The values we share are what constitute the real legacy of our Christian faith.

Our parish community becomes a vessel, as it were, in handing down our faith to our world and to the next generations.  Our community becomes like a showcase or an open book which others read to know and understand our Christian faith.  We become witnesses of the faith through the Christian values that guide our lives.   Like the early believers “who were of one heart and one soul”, as described in the Acts of the Apostles, we as a Christian community have to grow in a unified life with God and with each other.

Healing Corner. “Peace be with you.” (John 20:19) In a time of increasing violence in our homes and world, let us not miss the “signs” of those who need our help. The signs may not be physically visible. Victims of domestic and family abuse are wounded in so many ways. Get to know your Church and community neighbors. Be there to support and refer them for help when they need it. Actively pass on the “signs of peace”.

Fr. Edmunds Updates…

With the rising trend in confirmed COVID-19 cases and an increase in the number of variant cases the province as brought us BACK TO STEP ONE as of midnight April 6. While our current restrictions will not change (15% occupancy) this is an important reminder that we much maintain diligence in all our safety protocols, including registering to attend Sunday Mass, always wearing a facemask while in the church, maintaining the required physical distancing and no socializing in the church. We ask that all Sunday Mass attendees pre- register online or through the parish office (403-252- 1137). Please cancel your reservations if you are unable to attend to allow us to assign our seat to others. Walk ins will only be accepted during the last 15 minutes prior to Mass and only if cancellations are known.

With the ongoing restrictions we will be continuing our extra Mass schedule (2:30 pm Latin and 5:00 pm English). As such we will not be able to have a Divine Mercy Service this year. Fr. Edmund will pray the Act of Entrustment for Divine Mercy (featured on the front page of the bulletin) at the end of each English Mass this weekend.

Email Scam alert:  There have been emails received in the name of Fr. Edmund Vargas using the email address  This is a scam.  Please block the sender and delete the email.

ASL Mass. We will have an American Sign Language (ASL) in-person interpreter at our live-streamed Mass on Sundays, 10:30am.  We thank Maureen Jones and her colleagues for accommodating our request for this special feature in our celebration.  This feature will make it easier for our hearing-challenged members to participate more fully.  This ASL feature will also serve those hearing-challenged individuals who attend our livestreamed Mass, especially through Telus TV 877 which can reach beyond our constituency.  If you are interested to support this initiative, please contact Fr Edmund or the Office.

Baptism Classes (online) are scheduled on the following dates: May 8, Saturday, 10am to 12noon.  Please contact the Office to register.

Our livestreamed Mass on Sundays at 10:30am, is available at Telus Optik TV Channel 877.

Please contact Fr. Edmund by phone (403 252-1137) or email (  or text (403 8742015) for any need or concern.

April 11th - 17th INTENTION REQUEST
Sun. April 11th
7:15am Latin
9am English

10:30 English
12:30 Latin
5PM English


Special Intention
Isagani Mateo
Felicya Cheterbok
All Parishioners
Tracy Tomiak
Mon. April 12th
7am Latin
9am English


Special Intention
Ursula Milek
William & Barb Saruga
Tues. April 13th
7am Latin
9am English


Edgar Monagas
Vivencio Guião
Wed. April 14th
Noon Latin
7pm English


Edgar Monagas
William & Barb Saryga
Rob Ressling
Thur. April 15th
9AM English

7PM Latin


Ed Skapin
William & Barb Saruga
Andria Chaisson
Fri. April 16th
9 AM English

7PM Latin


Raymundo Cerezo
Vivencio Guiao
Guy Portelance
Sat. April 17th
9AM Latin
11AM English
5PM English


Logan Patenaude
Patrick Coffee
Remedios Beltran

ASL Sunday Masses at St. Anthony

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter signs at the 10:30 am Sunday Masses at St. Anthony’s Parish in Calgary for the deaf and hearing-impaired in our Catholic community. This mass is livestreamed each Sunday on Facebook and available on TV (TELUS Optik ch. 877, choose St. Anthony’s tile).


SaturdayConfessions4:00 pm
English Mass5:00 pm
Filipino Mass6:30 pm
SundayConfessions6:45 am
Latin Mass7:15 am
English Mass9:00 am
English Mass10:30 am
Confessions12:00 pm
Latin Mass12:30 pm
Confessions2:00 pm
Latin Mass2:30 pm
English Mass 5:00 pm


Monday & TuesdayConfessions6:30AM
Latin Mass7:00 am
Confessions8:30 - 8:50 am
English Mass9:00 am
WednesdayConfessions11:30 am
Latin MassNoon
Confessions (Lent)6:00 - 6:20 pm
Stations of the Cross (Lent)6:30 pm
English Mass 7:00 pm
Thursday Confessions 8:30 - 8:50 am
English Mass9:00 am
Adoration10 am - 6 pm
Confessions (Lent)2:00 - 6:00 pm
Confessions6:00 pm
Latin Mass7:00 pm
FridayConfessions8:30 - 8:50 pm
English Mass9:00 am
Adoration 10 am - 6 pm
Confessions (Lent)2:00pm - 6:00 pm
Confessions6:00 pm
Latin Mass (Lent)6:30 pm
Stations of the Cross (Lent)7:30 pm
SaturdayConfessions8:00 am
Latin Mass9:00 am
1st Saturday Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary (March 6, April 10, May 1, etc) 11:00 am
4th Saturday Healing Seniors Mass (March 27, April 24, etc) 11:00 am

A response to Bill C-7 expansion

The Senate accepted a revised version of Bill C7. The bill received royal assent on March 17. Under the new law, Canadians who are not near the natural end of their lives can seek assisted suicide.

Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith responds to the passage of Bill C-7 which expands euthanasia and assisted suicide to those without foreseeable death. “This is not good law and we need to continue to advocate against it.”

For more resources on Bill C-7 and Euthanasia, please visit:

Patris Corde Guided Video Reflections

In the Apostolic Letter Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart), Pope Francis identifies the extraordinary attributes of St. Joseph as a “beloved, tender and loving, obedient, accepting, creatively-courageous, working father hidden in the shadows.” (cf. No 1-7). We have prepared a series of guided reflections on each of the seven attributes.  They may be used by individuals who wish to focus on only one or two of the attributes from home or in groups gathered in person or online.

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An Easter Message from the Bishop

Stations of the Resurrection

The Stations of the Light is a spiritual journey with Christ through fourteen of the most inspiring events of His post-Resurrection life on earth. In the early Church this practice was known as the Via Lucis, or Way of the Resurrection. It invites participants to walk along a path of transforming joy by following in the footsteps of the Risen Christ and his friends.

Divine Mercy Sunday

One of the devotions that Jesus revealed to St. Faustina was the “Divine Mercy Chaplet.” He said to her, “At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same … When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, God’s anger is placated, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul, and the very depths of My tender mercy are moved for the sake of the sorrowful Passion of My son.”  (Aleteia)

  • Here is a brief visual guide for those interested in praying this powerful chaplet made available by Aleteia
  • Divine Mercy media resources:
    • Love and Mercy: Faustina (movie/docudrama). This critically acclaimed film of the true-life story of St. Faustina, and the message of God’s Divine Mercy. See why the Lord designated her His “Secretary” and the “Apostle” of His Mercy. When: Saturday, April 10 at 6 pm MT. Watch Live on EWTN
    • Original Image of Divine Mercy, the Untold Story of an Unknown Masterpiece. The history of the Original Image of Divine Mercy, from the events that led to its creation under St. Faustina’s  guidance to its current place in the Cathedral in Vilnius, Lithuania. When: Sunday, April 11 at 8 pm MT. Watch Live on EWTN 
    • Ocean of Mercy.  Filmed on location in more than twenty cities across Poland and the US, this true story examines and chronicles the phenomenal lives and spiritual legacy of St. Faustina Kowalska, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and Pope St. John Paul II, modern day “Apostles of Mercy.” Watch on
    • Divine Mercy 101 with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC. Divine Mercy 101 provides a clear and concise overview of Divine Mercy and the role and mission of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), the apostle of Divine Mercy whom St. John Paul II called “a gift of God to our time.” Learn the powerful devotion and graces associated with it in this dynamic presentation with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, filmed live at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Watch on
    • Divine Mercy Crash Course with Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC. Spend time to learn more about the mercy of God, learn to trust in Jesus, and live your life as merciful to others, as Christ is merciful to you. Listen here

Events & Resources

  1. Divine Mercy Sunday – Bulletin Shorts, free to use 
    Mass Readings |  So Many Catch Phrases Today.  “The doors were locked.” “Peace be with you.” “There was no needy person among them.” “His mercy endures for ever.” “His commandments are not burdensome.” Locked doors cannot keep Jesus away. He speaks peace to us, even in these Covid-19 days. Because he is peace among us – no one has need. Because he is full and overflowing with mercy – nothing is a burden.

    • How will I manifest peace, be peace this Easter week?
    • How will I show mercy, be mercy this week?
    • Whose burden will I ease?
  2. Our Lady of Peace Mission Cairn Site Restoration Project
    A Spring 2021 update from Dan Lacroix, the coordinator of the Cairn Site Restoration Project: It has been just about a year since the restoration was completed and the site is looking good! See this picture of the Our Lady of Peace Mission Cairn (2020), an Alberta Provincial Historic Site, caught from a bird’s eye view in this photographic survey of the proposed Springbank Dam project area. The potential diversion channel from the Elbow River is directly east of the Cairn (behind the wall of trees captured in the photo) and well below the height of land where the Cairn sits. If and when construction begins it will be a busy place! Photo source here For more information, please contact Dan at
  3. CCEF Virtual Wine Tasting
    A message from Calgary Catholic Education Foundation (CCEF): Book your tickets for the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation’s Virtual Wine Tasting today! Proceeds in support of the CCEF to aid schools and classrooms in the Calgary Catholic School District.  Enjoy a virtual wine tasting while sampling delicious Canadian wines from the comfort of your home. When: Friday, April 23, 2021 from 7 pm to 8 pm. Tickets on sale until April 7 at
  4. Arise: Put on the Armour of Light – Retreat for Women
    Arise, in partnership with the Diocese of Saskatoon, is hosting a virtual retreat for women aged 18-101 called Arise: Put on the Armour of Light! The aim of this retreat is for women to encounter Jesus through powerful talks, small group discussion, prayer and praise and worship while building community among women. The Arise retreat also provides a unique opportunity for a 5 week follow up with our Armoured Series, included in both the Parish and Individual Packages. This past year has been a trying time and our goal is for women to come together whether virtually or in person within the local Covid-19 guidelines to strengthen community and support one another. The retreat includes talks from the following speakers: Bishop Scott McCaig, Heather Khym, Mary Bielski, Debbie Herbeck, Rachel Herbeck and the bishop of Diocese in Saskatoon, Bishop Mark Hagemoen. To register, visit
  5. Pope’s Prayer Intention for April 2021
    Let us pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis, that they may see their sacrifice and their work bear abundant fruit. Watch video here
  6. Six inspiring ways to feel the joy of Easter
    This year, Christian families across the world will be celebrating Easter with joy in their hearts and hope for a brighter future. Whether you’re filled with joy, need a little inspiration, or you’re a little down, look to the ways Easter joy can be found here
  7. For all other resources or information shared previously, find them in this Google Doc: Diocesan Info for Parishioners – or click here. This link is also featured on our website: under Bulletin Announcements.

Covid-19 Vaccines Q&A

The Calgary Catholic Medical Association (CCMA) is providing answers to general questions such as: what vaccines are available and how do they work; the variant concerns; are COVID vaccines safe; who should not receive the vaccines; and the ethical considerations of these vaccines. Read more

Amoris Laetitia Family – Year 2021-2022

Through a series of 10 videos, beginning with the chapters of the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, the Holy Father, with the help of several families, invites us to journey together to rediscover the family as a gift, despite every problem, obstacle and challenge that families have to face today.

In the first video “Walking Together” Pope Francis and a family share about the beauty of being a family and how each person is called to lovingly care for the life of the family.  Never a problem, families are always a gift and, in terms of the future, they are an opportunity. Each video is accompanied by a guide that can be used either by families or by groups within the parish. The objective is to nurture reflection, dialogue and pastoral practice and, at the same time, to provide encouragement, stimulus and help to families in their spiritual and concrete daily lives.

Information on the Year of Amoris Laetitia can be accessed here.


All the faithful are encouraged to observe and practice Spiritual Communion, uniting themselves to Christ in prayer.

With a grateful heart, we say thanks to all workers in our critical infrastructure industries and those who courageously help others. These are today's heroes, the people who work tirelessly serving others.

We encourage you to continue to share your gratitude with our everyday heroes, to the many people – men, women, adults and children – who have shown kindness and determination throughout the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pray for them.

Thank you for being the Heart of Jesus

Together in Action

Information coming soon...

We all need care,
regardless of our abilities

Carla Freitag likes to giggle when she brushes her teeth. She enjoys listening to music when she draws and, if the mood strikes, she sets her drawing pencil down and begins to dance.

Freitag, who has Down Syndrome, is one of four core members who live in a L’Arche home in southwest Calgary. There, the core members live in a community with three live-in assistants, including Hanna Gaunt.

“Carla is largely non-verbal, but I have lived with her for almost a year, basically 24/7. We have our own way of communicating with each other. When people try to thank me for the work I do, I say, ‘No. You don’t understand. It is such a gift to be part of this community.”



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