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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Edmunds Pastoral Notes…

The Commandment of Love

In the gospel, Christ gives His followers the mandate to love another just as He loved them.    Love becomes the transforming power of the lives of the early believers. Christ’s new commandment of love makes all things new.

Indeed, Christ’s example of love and sacrifice invites us to love beyond ourselves.    It is this kind of selfless and unconditional love which Christ has shown us that conquers sin and even death itself.  With this kind of love, death is transformed from the taking away of life into a voluntary return of the gift of life to the Giver of life.

Love reaches the eternal level when it goes beyond ourselves, when we are able to love others more than ourselves.  It is this kind of love that makes our human relationships last, transforming to eternity.   This kind of love outlives death, defeating death’s power over us.  Unconditional and selfless love is the real measure of Christian life. His kind of love is the reason for the resurrection.

Our love for one another has to be filled with the love that inspires the Eucharist, the living memorial of Christ’s love for us.   This re-enactment of Christ’s sacrifice in Calvary, which is the ultimate expression of His self-giving, inspires and empowers us to love as He does.  The love which Christ left as a legacy is the greatest of God’ gifts.

When we learn to love as Christ loves, we learn to believe and hope without seeing.   In one of his writings, St. Augustine once declared: “He (Christ) disappeared before our eyes, that we might find Him in our hearts.”   As we continue to deal with this pandemic, let us continue to discover the love that Christ has placed in our hearts.


Healing Corner. Faith communities and faith leaders have a unique role to play in responding to the needs of abuse victims and their families. First and foremost, faith communities need to be safe places to disclose abuse. . Persons of faith who are abused often feel that their spirit has been broken, that God does not care about their life, that they are worthless in every way. The healing journey from victim to survivor is long and arduous; ongoing emotional support and many caregivers are required. Many persons of faith who are abused would like assistance from both community agencies and their faith fellowship.


Fr Edmund’s Updates. 

A Pastoral Visit by Bishop William McGrattan is scheduled for December 11-13, 2020.  A Pastoral Visit involves a comprehensive appreciation of our parish structures, activities and pastoral relevance.  He will meet with various groups, including the schools within our jurisdiction (St Anthony’s School and St Augustine’s School) as well families or individuals on a one-on-one basis by appointment.  A Deacon usually accompanies him to help out in the process, including documentation.  He will review our finances, physical plant as well as our organizational set-up.  After the visit, a report is made with actions to be made and other recommendations.  We having submitted a Budget for 2021 which would aim for 70% of our three-year average (2017-2018) income, with  the required adjustments in expenses.  This means a much smaller or skeletal staff and more volunteerism in all areas of ministry.  Hopefully, with your continued support for the parish, we will be able to cover the required income to sustain our operations. We are really appreciative of your love and generosity.

The official transition of our current Pantry into St Vincent de Paul Society will be launched after the completion of the Christmas Hampers program this year.  All current volunteers of the current Pantry will have to indicate their interest to continue to be part of the outreach program by formal Registration, a form of which is available online. Those who are interested to help in the 2020 Christmas Hamper program can contact the office or Fr Edmund directly.  We owe it to our community to cater to the growing needs of our needy in our midst who find it more and more difficult to cope with life’s essentials, more especially during this pandemic.

Our Fencing Initiativebordering Macleod Trail is on hold due to the onset of the cold season.  So far, most of the posts are now in place in the holes, waiting for some Chinook wonder for an opportunity to pour cement into the holes.  We are grateful for the great effort of Rico Festa for securing the City Permit, buying the lumber at a bargain, soliciting help from whoever he can and doing most of the work, with some help from Al Meier and Mario Carrera.  Al and Mario have been volunteering in electrical work and gardening, respectively.

The first scheduled in-person 30-minute session for the First Reconciliation Preparation is this Sunday immediately after the 10:30am Mass. Families can contact Fr Edmund with their Registration Forms and arrange pick-up of the home workbook, even after the published registration deadline (October 24).  Fr Edmund will be available for in-person meeting, telephone conversation or online chat to support the parents and candidates in their preparation work.  There is no required registration fees to cover materials.  Voluntary contributions are welcome though.

Registration for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is open during the course of the year… Please submit a Registration (available online) and submit to the office.  Upon receipt, Fr Edmund will contact you for an in-person initial interview or phone or online chat. Resources books are available.

The Seven-Day Candle intentions have run out.  The said candle request has been available in the Adoration Chapel.  Since the closure of the chapel due to the pandemic, it has been transferred to the main altar, next to the Blessed Sacrament. The request forms are available at the Reception Desk.  The request form will also be available online.

During an October 20 zoom meeting with priests, the Bishop has commended the parishes for their compliance with the diocesan guidelines.  But he also mentioned violations reported to authorities in the area of wearing masks and physical distancing.  A reminder was made about responses to Mass parts which should be modulated and exerting the least air pressure to avoid spread of possible virus particles in the air in our churches where there is zero air circulation.  A face mask would help in minimizing air pressure.  This is part of the reason at Holy Communion the recipient does NOT respond “Amen”, after having responded earlier to the priest’s invitation at the altar before he distributes the sacred species individually.  As we are at risk to reverting to earlier restrictions due to the rising number of new cases, we have to take more seriously our responsibility of protecting and caring for each other. We pray for health, healing and holiness.

We once again have a weekly Parish Bulletin with all of the parish information.  Many of our parishioners receive it via the weekly  mail out and it is available on our website.

NEW SENIORS MASS – Sunday, October 25th at 3 PM
Seniors (over 60 years of age) and their companions are invited to attend a special Mass just for you.  Pre-registration is in progress.  You should you receive a phone call over the next couple of weeks inviting  you to attend.  If you would like to register yourself, please call the parish at 403-252-1137.  Fr. Edmund will offer anointing for all seniors in attendance.  We plan to have this special Mass once a month on the 4th Sunday.

Rosary Month. The Praying of the Holy Rosary will be held every Saturday during October, 10-11am in the main church.  Online registration is an option,  But walk-ins are welcome. Wellness protocols, including contact tracing documentation, start at 10am.  Rosary starts at 10:15am after when the doors are closed and locked.  No latecomers are allowed. The Rosary ends before 10:45am, to make room for exit of participants and the cleaning and disinfecting of pews and other surfaces.  Masks are mandated. All are welcome. The celebration is hosted by the Legion of Mary.

Our livestreamed Mass on Sundays at 10:30am, has now been available for several weeks at Telus Optik TV Channel 876. According to Telus TV, last Sunday’s TV viewers totaled 65 households.

May God bless you for your continued support for the parish.

We pray for health, healing and holiness.

Please contact Fr. Edmund by phone (403 252-1137) or email (  or text (403 8742015) for any need or concern.

Sunday, Oct.25
7:15am Latin
9am English

10:30am English
12:30pm Latin


Special Intention
Rose Lutula
Souls in Purgatory
St. Anthony Parishioners
Special Intention
Mon. Oct.26
7am Latin
9am English


Special Intention
Terisita Tabuno
Rose Lutula
Tues. Oct. 27
7am Latin
9am English


Special Intention
Ted Reyes
Souls in Purgatory
Wed. Oct. 28
Noon Latin
7pm English


Special Intention
Fr. Denis Vavrek, off
Bill & Barb Saruga
Thurs. Oct. 29
9am English

7pm Latin


Joseph Popp
Rose Latula
Special Intention
Friday, Oct. 30
9am English

7pm Latin


Rose Latula
Souls in Purgatory
Special Intention
Sat. Oct. 31
9am Latin
5pm English


Special Intention
All Souls

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Our parish relies on our regular offertory giving for maintenance and growth.  We offer many convenient ways for you to make your contributions including: sign in to your to own banking institution and e-transfer the amount to:;  or by online credit card donation, or sign up for pre-authorized debit withdrawal;  you may also mail your cheques to St. Anthony’s Church 5340 4 St. SW Calgary, AB T2V 0Z5, or drop off your donation envelopes into our donation box in the church foyer when you come to Mass.  You are providing crucial support to care for your parish during this difficult time.  Thank you for your generosity.

YTD - 2020 $344,644$ 304,939.77$ (39,704.23)
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TIA$41,030 $ 16,295.45$ (24,734.55)
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Catholic Education Sunday Theme, Letter & Novena

The 2020 Catholic Educations Sunday theme, Those who hope in the Lord will review their strength (Isaiah 40:31) resonated deeply with the context of our lived reality. Rooted in our faith, we remain people of hope trusting in the Lord. Please be reminded that the theme will remain the same for the entire school year including Catholic Education Week and World Catholic Education Day.

Action item for Pastoral Staff:
Please share with your parishioners

Correction: Catholic Education Sunday Message from CCEF

A message from Janet Lymer, Executive Director at the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation:

On November 8, 2020, we celebrate Catholic Education Sunday across the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary. It is a day to recognize the gift of Catholic education that is ours to cherish and support so that it remains vital for today’s students who will become tomorrow’s community leaders. Our schools are an expression of our faith and a gift to future generations. Catholic education is the permeation of God in everything we do. The Calgary Catholic Education Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for the over 59,000 students in the 118 schools of the Calgary Catholic School District. A portion of the Catholic Education Sunday collection is committed to St Mary’s University, St Joseph’s Seminary at Newman Theological College as well as the Catholic schools of the Franco-Sud school board. This year more than ever, your donations are crucial to ensure our students are successful in their learning be it in school or online due to COVID19. If you prefer to donate online, please visit Donations of $20 or more receive a tax receipt. Thank you for believing in Catholic Education.

Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation – Leadership Program

Launched in 2015, the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation (CWLF) Leadership Program has supported the development of transformative leadership skills in Catholic women across the country through its program at Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University. The women from 22 different dioceses across Canada, including from your own diocese, who have completed the program, have taken their newfound leadership skills and education based on Catholic social teachings to their workplaces, churches, communities, and homes.

CWLF is accepting applications for their 2021-2022 program. Please spread the word about this program and include this in the parish bulletins.

“Are you called to join other Canadian Catholic women learning how your leadership has the power to transform where you work, volunteer and live?  Applications are now available for the 2021-2022 Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation Program. The in-person and online program, facilitated by the Providence School of Transformational Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University (Ottawa) runs from April/21 to May/22.  Please visit – Application deadline November 20, 2020″  

If you have any questions about the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation or our program, please contact me at or 604-813-1612.

Covid & The Call to Faith: Responsibility for the Common Good

The Pastoral letter from the AB & NWT Bishops:

WEEK 5: Responsibility for the Common GoodThe pandemic requires all of us to be especially mindful of our physical presence in the world and of our right conduct in relation to others.

Moderator: Dr. Shawn Flynn (President (interim) – St. Joseph’s College, Edmonton


  • Dr. Peter Baltutis (Associate Professor/CWL Chair for Catholic Studies, St. Mary’s University, Calgary)
  • Martina Norwegian (Sacred Heart Parish, Fort Simpson, NWT)
  • Gerald Sseguya (Coordinator, Faith and Community Liaison, Catholic Social Services, Edmonton)
  • Rev. Kris Schmidt (Pastor/Vlogger/”Flying Father”, Our Lady of the Angels Parish, Fort Saskatchewan, AB)

Parishioners and all viewers are invited to respond to the prepared reflection questions or otherwise to send thoughts/comments to

Calling Mission Mexico Ambassadors

Ever wondered what Mission Mexico does? Want to get involved? Join us for a Zoom chat with in-country coordinator Mike MacDonald and friends to find out more.

Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Meeting ID: 856 9493 4666 | Passcode: 403

Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 10:00 am
Meeting ID: 840 6487 0959 | Passcode: 403

CCCB Releases Statement in Response to Bill C-7

As the legislation introduced this month remains unchanged from that which was tabled on 24 February 2020, the Bishops of Canada once again express their serious concerns regarding Bill C-7 and call upon all Canadians to express their opposition to the Bill. As said in the statement: “The proposed legislation of Bill C-7 remains deeply flawed, unjust, and morally pernicious. The Bishops of Canada call on Catholics and all people of good will to make their voices heard in opposition to the Bill. Similarly, all Canadian legislators should recall that no law that permits the taking of innocent human life can ever be morally justified. Such a law would always violate the intrinsic dignity of the human person.” Please read below:

Resources & Events Worth Sharing

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time – NEW Bulletin Shorts, free to use 
Mass Readings | Love God, Neighbour, Self. There are 613 Old Testament laws guiding faithful behaviour. The Exodus writer tells us some:  do not molest or oppress aliens, do not wrong widows and orphans, do to extort money from the poor, do not, do not, do not. Jesus gives us a summary in two laws (rooted in Deuteronomy 6:5 and Leviticus 19:18): (1) Love God with everything you have and are and (2) Love the neighbour as your very self.

    • What will I do to love a foreigner, an alien, someone not like me?
    • What will I do for someone who is poor, hungry, out of work?
    • What will I do?

Reflections for All Saints & All Souls

Solemnity of All Saints – Sunday, 1 November 2020  | Saints Next Door.  It can be easy to view the beatitudes as impossible goals for Kingdom of Heaven living. But they are not just dreams and hopes; they are norms, achievable standards of right behaviours for baptized disciples. The second reading helps us grasp this.  We are children of God not by blood or birth or desire. We are God’s children by baptismal rebirth, by God’s good choice. We constantly look, at Pope Francis’ urging, for the saint next door.  We constantly try to be one, too.

      • I will reread 1 John 3:1-3 each day this week to cherish how I am a child of God.
      • Let me name the “saintly” behaviour of neighbours, co-workers, family.
      • What will I do each day this week to be a saint next door?

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Souls Departed – Monday, 2 November 2020The Dead Matter. It is a good and holy thing to pray for the dead as it is to console those who mourn the death of ones they love. For they are as much a part of the Kingdom of God as those alive on earth and those alive in heaven.

      • For whom among the dead will I pray? Let me make a list.

Seeds of the Word Giveaway
For you fans of Bishop Barron, Seeds of the Word Sisters are giving away this book called “Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith.” In this book, Bishop Barron seeks to capture the body, heart, and mind of the Catholic faith. He talks about the sacraments, worship, prayer, Mary, the Apostles, the Saints… and many others things! For a chance to win this book, all you have to do is: 1) Like this post in Instagram 2) Tag 3 friends and 3) Follow Seeds of the Word account at
2020 Knights of Columbus Chapter Memorial Mass
The Knights of Columbus invites you to the 2020 Knights of Columbus Calgary Chapter Memorial mass, on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 7 pm, at St Paul’s Church in Airdrie. The mass is being held to remember and pray for the Souls of Brother Knights who have passed away over the past year.  You can join the Mass via livestream on St. Paul’s Youtube Channel, or on TELUS Optik channel 876.
Retreat Centre upcoming events

    1. FCJ Centre, Calgary – The FCJ Centre is offering a large number and range of Advent retreats, prayer services, workshops, and other experiences for spiritual enrichment. Upcoming schedule:
    2. Mount St. Francis, Cochrane – Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where are all welcome in the name of Christ, Mount St. Francis offers silent retreats and spiritual direction led by The Franciscan Friars of Canada. Upcoming schedule: 
    3. Divine Mercy Centre, Calgary – The Divine Mercy Centre opens its doors to those seeking rest and a deeper relationship with Christ. Upcoming schedule:
    4. Martha Retreat Centre, Lethbridge – The Martha Retreat Centre seeks to provide a quiet, welcoming space where people, individually or in groups, can come away and rest awhile, nourish their spirits and open their hearts to God’s call to them in the current reality of their life’s circumstances. Upcoming schedule:

16 ways to celebrate All Saints’ Day with your family
Here are 16 great ideas for how you and your family can celebrate this feast day in your own Catholic home. Note that some of these activities might not be ideal during COVID-19 season, nevertheless, can be done safely within your family this year. Read more
7 ways to celebrate All Souls Day as a family
All Souls Day is a time for families to reflect on those loved ones who are no longer with us. Make this day a special day for the whole family, past and present. Aleteia shares some activities that are both spiritual and sometimes joyful, to share as a whole family on this special day. Read more
Here is a wonderful opportunity to tie in our Catholic Faith in the carving of pumpkins this month. As shared in, many children look forward to choosing a pumpkin and carving their “Saint-O-Lantern! Check out these inspiring Saint-O-Lanterns
Meditate on Jesus’ suffering when you are sick
While treating an illness is certainly a good thing, we also need to accept any pain we endure and unite it to the suffering of Jesus on the cross. How do we do this? Read the advice of St. Francis Borgia here
How do we support our kids’ faith lives?
Danielle Bean says: “You can say all you want to your kids about the importance of having a prayer life, going to Mass, and receiving the sacraments, but if you are not doing those things, none of what you say matters.” Here are some ideas and resources to help you shape your kids’ faith lives. Read show snippets / Listen to podcast

TELUS Optik TV Channel 876 

Note that this is only available to TELUS Optik subscribers. The updated schedule:


All the faithful are encouraged to observe and practice Spiritual Communion, uniting themselves to Christ in prayer.

With a grateful heart, we say thanks to all workers in our critical infrastructure industries and those who courageously help others. These are today's heroes, the people who work tirelessly serving others.

We encourage you to continue to share your gratitude with our everyday heroes, to the many people – men, women, adults and children – who have shown kindness and determination throughout the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pray for them.

Thank you for being the Heart of Jesus

Together in Action

Letter from Fr. Edmund

March 2020

Dear Parishioner,

This year’s theme is on Mary’s response: “I am the Lord’s servant” (Luke 1:38). In one of his trips, Pope Francis commented that “Mary did not hesitate or think about herself; instead she surrendered herself; she trusted.”

Bishop William T. McGrattan, in this year’s message, writes: “Together in Action is the way for us to bring His mercy and compassion to others. Let it be a way of exalting God, relying on His strength and righteousness as we recognize our total and complete dependence on Him.”

Last year’s campaign reached our goal of $44,787. Our target for this year is $41,030. Whatever is in excess will be contributed to our fund to replace the boiler in our church.

To Send or Not to Send?

September's Faithfully "To Send or Not to Send" edition is out! Don't miss our back to school articles featuring our parishioners, teachers and St. Mary's University. Bishop's message about recognizing the responsibilities we have to each other as stewards of creation. Read the beautiful story about IWIN project, a CWL initiative to help human trafficking survivors get back on their feet, one backpack at a time, and many more stories. Read September's Faithfully online



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