Liturgical Ministry

Offering spiritual care and service to our community and contributing to vibrant masses, our liturgical ministry is the cornerstone of our community.  As part of the ongoing formation of liturgical ministers, training will be scheduled. Prospective ministers are invited to attend.  View the protocols for each role below.  Contact – Heather Schilling

Ministry Scheduler Pro

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are commissioned to assist in the in the preparation for the celebration of mass and in the distribution of communion.  Commissioning is for a renewable period of three years. Coordinator – Heather Schilling

Rising from the waters of Baptism, we are…each one of us…are named as witnesses to the whole of Christ’s Paschal Mystery: his suffering, dying and rising.  

All of us are called to give thanks and praise to God for all he has done to us.  All of us are called to live our thanksgiving by doing the work of justice and mercy in our own respective way.  Whatever our individual vocation, it is our Baptism that identifies us as one who shares in the Lord’s ministry.   


Spirituality can be defined as the skillful effort to become present to the Sacred.  The Lord Jesus has revealed to us the height and breadth of the Sacred and we are invited to experience the whole of this reality:   

               + the mystery of Christ’s dying and rising    

               + the Spirit moving us to prayer   

               + the enduring presence of Christ in the Body   

               + the gift of self, on behalf of the poor, that we share with the Lord   


Yours is a share in the work of the Spirit, who makes us one bread, one body.   Yours is a service at the Lord’s reconciling table. You minister holy food to holy people in the holiest of all Communions.  Yours is the ministry of the One who is broken and poured out for our sake.   

Come to your ministry from your personal prayer, praying that the Lord will heal your brokenness as you break and pour out yourselves to others.  Learn to love the Eucharist you minister.  Let it heal the hurt your heart is slow to acknowledge.  

Reverence those whom you serve as you would reverence the Sacrament you minister.  

When you minister to family and friends, remember that the greatest bond you share is in the Lord.  When you minister to strangers, reverence them as you would your closest friend.  When you minister to those with whom you are at odds, reverence them as the Lord does with you in your sinfulness.  Remember that your holiness is the work  of the  Lord within you.  

Take delight in the communion you share and rejoice in the work the Lord accomplishes in you, for through you the Lord saves His people.   



EMHC Appointment St. Anthony’s Calgary November 2019

EMHC Appointment St. Anthony’s Calgary January 2020

Proclaimers of the Word (Lectors) proclaim God’s word as a ‘living word’. Parishioners who have received Confirmation are eligible. Coordinator – Heather Schilling


Read and pray the Word of God one or two days before the scheduled proclamation from your own copy of the Lector’s Workbook. 

Anyone can read Scripture.  Only a believer can proclaim it.  Get the points of the reading clear in your mind.  When the reading is finished, people ideally should be clear what message the reading conveys. 

Pray for guidance.  Read silently for comprehension. Look up any words not understood.  Check pronunciation of names, preferably before Sunday so that the pronunciation comes easily and smoothly.  A pronunciation guide is also available in the sacristy, in case you are in doubt. 

Place the Reading in context, especially if verses are missed. Identify the type of Reading: a story, a prophecy or a law, a letter, a psalm. 

First Reading is usually related with the Gospel.  The response to the Psalm usually summarizes the First Reading. 



Altar Servers enhance the sense of worship within the congregation and foster vocation in our young people. Altar Servers must be able to follow directions, have received First Communion and have full support of their family. Coordinators: Rikki Sabater and Jeffrell Painaga


Loving Father,  

creator of the universe, 

you call your people to worship,  

to be with you and one another at Mass. 

I thank you for having called me 

to assist others in their prayer to you. 

May I be worthy of the trust placed in me 

and through my example and service 

bring others closer to you.  

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, 

who is Lord forever and ever.  





Musicians, Cantors, Choir Members

As sacred melody united to words, music forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn Liturgy.  Your involvement in this ministry provides instrumental accompaniment or singing for regular weekend masses and special celebrations such as First Communion and Confirmation.  Practices are scheduled on weekends, except July and August.

Sunday English Mass Organist/Choir Leader: John Morgan

1st and 3rd Saturday 5:00 pm English Mass Pianist/Choir Leader: Colleen Reinhart

2nd Saturday 5:00 pm English Mass Music – Missionary Families of Christ

4th Saturday 5:00 pm English Mass Music – El Shaddai Prayer Partners

Latin Mass Chant Choir Leader:  James Hume; Organist:  John Morgan

Contact:  Music Director – John Morgan

Sacristans prepare the church for various liturgical celebrations, including setting out, cleaning and putting away all vessels and linens required for the celebration of the Eucharist, ensuring a sufficient supply of candles, wine and hosts, maintaining the Holy Water fonts and candle holders.

Coordinator – Heather Schilling (English mass), Jun Solonga (Latin mass)

Sacristan Protocol

Ushers greet and welcome parishioners to mass, help them find a seat, take a count of the attendance, take up the collection and distribute the bulletins at the end of mass.  Coordinator – Josue Laro

Ushers Protocol

Children’s Liturgy, held on Sundays at the 10:30 am mass, shares readings and gospel with children 4 to 11 years of age by using words the children can understand, providing them the opportunity to reflect and interact through discussion, song and the sharing of life stories. Volunteer screening and training is required for adults supporting this ministry.  Coordinator – Ranee and Riza Fallorin

Church Art and Environment works together as a team to create an atmosphere, which enhances our celebrations by maintaining fresh flowers and plants in the sanctuary and parish hall, decorating the Sanctuary for the various holy days including Christmas and Easter, and other special occasions of the church.

Coordinator – Gill Briscoe (English masses), Ellen Salonga (Latin masses)

Church Linens – Our hands are the instruments of our hearts. This group of people cares for the Altar Linens and the Priests’ and Altar Servers’ vestments, assuring they are cleaned and pressed in preparation for Masses.  Ruth Hewitt, Alix Despris (English masses), Coral D’Silva (Latin masses)  Contact:  Heather Schilling

Funeral Mass Altar Servers (adults) and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion are available to serve at funeral masses during weekdays or Saturdays.  Coordinator – Bob de Moissac

Daily Mass Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion and Sacristans serve at masses during weekdays.

Coordinator – Heather Schilling