Little Flowers Girls’ Club

Our goal is to provide young Catholic girls between the ages of 7-12 the opportunity to meet together and learn about their Catholic heritage, faith and traditions.
Within the meetings of the Little Flowers Girls’ Club, the girls will hear, read, share and learn about our role model- the Blessed Virgin Mary, our patroness, St. Therese of Lisieux, and other saints in the Church. They will be studying Wreath I of the Little Flowers Program and learn about a different virtue each month and be challenged to grow in the practice of virtue.
Our meetings are held every Second Saturday of the month from September to May.
10:30 am – Begin with prayer.
10:35 am – Introduction of the virtue, saint, and Scripture verse for lesson time.
11:05 am- Craft or guest speaker.
11: 30 am- Clean up from craft and transition to snack time.
11:55 am – Closing prayer and departure

The success of the program is built on the participation of the mothers. Each mom will take turns in the following roles: Meeting Hostess/ Instructor, Snack Coordinator, Craft Coordinator.

For more information or to register please email