Fostering Vocations

This 4th Sunday of Easter is affectionately known as Good Shepherd Sunday and is a day around the world where Catholics pray for more vocations to the priesthood. We should not underestimate how efficacious and powerful these prayers for priestly vocations can be! I can attest to individuals in my life who prayed for my vocation for many years, and I have no doubt that those prayers assisted me in making that pivotal decision to say Yes to God and begin my time of discernment in the seminary. I would invite you to consider taking time on Friday May 5-Sunday May 7 to take part in the 40 hours of adoration in our Blessed Sacrament Chapel to take some time to pray for priestly vocations.

In addition to prayer, we should not be afraid to tell a man that we think he might have a vocation to the priesthood. Once again, I can attest to how impactful it was in my life of those people who took a moment when I was a teen and young adult to simply suggest thinking about becoming a priest. I’ll be honest that I did not always enjoy being asked this question, but it was essential in my vocational discernment to have the question posed to me, as it compelled me to really consider if this indeed was the path God was calling me to walk because others saw a priestly vocation within me.

The Lord is faithful and will not fail to provide the Church with vocations to the priesthood. Let us continue to trust that he is speaking to many men’s hearts to come and follow Him.