Give and It Will Be Given You

Give and It Will Be Given You

“The measure you give, will the measure you get back” (Lk 6:38) With this Our Lord Jesus is giving us enough reason why we should extend our love to everyone, but especially to our enemies.

We have to start from the knowledge that God created everything here on this earth. God is the one who created the things we fear and dislike, the things we hate and the things in nature we consider as malign to us. He is also the God who created those people who persecute and hate us.

As there are some people who persecute and hate us, there are people who fear us and also those we hate. Over the last two years, many factors came to intensify these feelings. We, in our human weakness, tend to act like victims all the time, forgetting that others are victims of our persecutions. They see us as their persecutors.

But it is hard to identify ourselves as the ones inflicting pain upon others. We wouldn’t like to be hated by others nor be referred to as persecutors. We have the tendency to want to be loved by others and others to feel safe when they are around us.

In order to achieve such a thing, we have to give love, and as give it, we will receive it. The answer to most issues in the world is love, to embrace love.

The love we have from God cures all evils in this world. When we fail to love, we hate. When we hate evil propagates among us and we perish. When we love, we eliminate hate and goodness flourishes among us.

Let us adhere today to Jesus’ call today to love our enemies because God loves them with the same measure He loves us. He doesn’t discriminate against anybody. We too should follow God’s perfect example and extend our love to our adversaries so that this great love will take down the barriers of hatred and make us participate of God’s Kingdom as his children.