Whoever loves me will keep my word” (Jn 14:23), says the Lord in the Sunday Gospel.

In this convoluted time of changes, we as a parish are experiencing more changes.

Bishop McGrattan recently issued a Decree lifting the dispensations to attend Sunday Mass, going back to embrace our Sunday worship to the Lord, and to be gathered once again around the Eucharist, the pinnacle and summit of our Faith. We are going back to what the Lord invites us to keep.

Our parish as well is part of the Pastoral moves this year, I will be moving to Our Lady of Rockies, and by this I want to welcome Fr. Nathan Siray as the Pastor of St. Anthony’s. While Fr. Nathan is away in his studies, Fr. Bryan Frank will be the Administrator of St. Anthony’s. I invite you all to welcome Fr. Nathan Siray and Fr. Bryan Frank, as you welcomed me. To keep the flame of faith alive and to hold fast to your love for Christ.

This is the perfect time for us to keep the teachings of our Lord in our hearts. Do not let your hearts be troubled, but know that Our Lord directs our path. All we have to do is to keep His word close to our hearts.