Testing Our Lord

Testing Our Lord

How often are we tempted to question our Lord? We see wars, disasters, hunger, thirst, nakedness, many of God’s creatures experiencing hardships, and we can’t help but question our Lord and his motives.

This Sunday’s Gospel speaks to us about the woman caught in adultery when she is dragged before Our Lord to see if He would support the punishment that she was supposed to undergo. Our Lord’s response is beyond what many of us may expect, considering the time and culture in which He lived. His response is perfect, so much so that in the end, she is left alone to encounter the tender mercy of Jesus.

“…beginning with the elders”, one by one, they went away. This passage speaks of the interesting role that wisdom and experience play in our communities. Wisdom comes with age, and with experiences. When we look at our younger years, we realize that we somehow lacked wisdom and experience. Wisdom and experience come with age.

The years spent in this life, and the experiences gathered throughout all these years, allow individuals to be far more prudent in their decisions and judgments, especially when it comes to the more intense situations in life.

As we move forward throughout Lent, it is wise to ask for wisdom, to ask for a broader vision of the different angles of life, but above all to always walk under the light of God.

The Gospel of John speaks to all of us, regardless of our age. This week, if you are older, reflect upon your responsibility to help guide the younger generation with clarity, firmness, and love. If you are younger, do not neglect to rely upon the wisdom of the older generation.

Even though age is not a perfect guarantee of wisdom, it is something we may want to consider and respect. Let us be open to our elders, show them respect, and learn from the experiences they have had in life. Allow the Lord to guide you and do not test Him. It is through our life in the community that we come to know the Wisdom of God. Let us attentively listen to Our Lord, who gifts us with wisdom, even in the midst of trials and hardships.