To Bring Good News

To Bring Good News

As soon as one gets to open the newspaper, turn on the radio, or check the news online or on TV, it seems as if the words of Jesus are not being fulfilled.

Our Lord indeed was anointed, as a king was usually anointed. His anointing was not to govern as a regular king, in the political sense. The mission statement of our Lord is not on the political sphere, but on the spiritual, that which transcends this world. Therefore, it is important to keep our eyes fixed on what the Lord promises to us. His agenda is not of this world, but from the world to come.

We are being hit by illness, physical, spiritual and emotional. We have fears, shortages, wars, conflicts. But that is the agenda of this world. The agenda of the Lord is completely different. Despite the challenges, He proclaims good news to the poor, the outcast, the lonely; release to the captives, either in the corporal or spiritual sense; He proclaims sight to the blind, restoration of the infirm, freedom to the oppressed, and above all the year of the Lord’s favour.

During these times, we have to embrace the Lord and take His word into our hearts. It is not a way of denying the current circumstances, but it is a way to find hope in the midst of trials.

Therefore, do your part as part of the Body of Christ. We have a mission ahead of us, therefore, exercise the gifts given to you. Embrace the Lord and embrace His word, so that you may bring the good news of hope, faith, and the promise of Christ to the world.