Hail, Joseph!

Hail, Joseph!

We find in Joseph a principled person faithful to his own Jewish tradition who would rather prefer compassion than legalism. Even though Joseph did not completely comprehend the implications of his dream, he responded with faith to the messenger of God.

Joseph, together with Mary, sought to do the right thing, believing that God would be with them in their own respective life journeys. Joseph is a model of husbandry and fatherhood, especially in our own times. Here is a husband and father whose role is more of following the divine will than seeking his own human preference in taking care of his wife and his son. The basis of his loving and caring relationship is more moral and spiritual than physical which is not existent after all.

We look up to Joseph in his selfless dedication to his family. Joseph is also a model of unity for our families and world communities. Joseph embodies the principle of unity based on the fatherhood of God. His selfless attitude to what has happened in his own life is an outstanding character that is needed in our elusive search for peace and unity in our world. It is an attitude that requires full trust and confidence in God for whom, through whom and from whom we all have our being. It is an attitude of a creature that acknowledges the complete and total jurisdiction of the Creator.

Like Joseph, we are challenged to be faithful to the message of God in the unfolding events of our lives. We don’t have to be larger than life. We are not, after all. We have to go through our lives with the magnanimity of heart that made Joseph follow the will of God in his life to the end. We are part of the God’s entire plan.

According to Pope Benedict XVI, “his example helps us to understand that it is only by complete submission to the will of God that we be become effective workers in the service of His plan to gather together all mankind into one family.”