In the sight of the Angels

In the sight of the Angels

When asked by one of his students how many angels there are, the illustrious St. Thomas Aquinas paused and replied, “a lot.”

This is probably the best answer ever given to this question since it acknowledges that the multitude of Heavenly Hosts is vast and beyond our comprehension. God has adorned his creation, both visible and invisible, with the presence of angels. They are always in our midst, yet many have a tendency to neglect them and miss out on the powerful intercession and friendship they offer.

October 2nd is the Feast Day of the Holy Guardian Angels, and while we will not observe this feast day in 2022 since it falls on a Sunday, we are nonetheless given the chance today to consider what our relationship with our Guardian Angels looks like.

Our angel may be intimate friend whom we daily call upon, as the traditional prayer says, to light, to guard, to rule and guide our lives, or our angel can be a celestial stranger that we may know is real but rarely speak to.

In His goodness, God gave you and I an angel to be our spiritual guide and guardian in this life, who will never forsake us when we are in need and will encourage us to join them in the eternal home of the Father.

In freedom, we can choose to daily speak with our angel, asking them to help us grow in holiness and be kept safe from physical, but more importantly, spiritual dangers, or ignore them, though we trust they will still come to our aid even if we have neglected their care and friendship.